Background Removal Service

One of the most popular types of photo editing we do is background removal from product images. Photographers, people who run online stores, and other e-businesses will all require such services.

A background removal service is a type of image editing service that specializes in removing the background from images. This process is commonly used in graphic design, e-commerce, product photography, and other fields where having a clean, transparent, or custom background is essential.

Background removal services use various techniques, including manual clipping paths, image masking, and AI-powered algorithms to accurately remove the background from an image while preserving the main subject. The removed background is typically replaced with a transparent background or a new background as per the client’s requirements.

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How Do We Remove the Image Background?​

The service of background removal utilizes Adobe Photoshop to eliminate distracting backgrounds. For top-notch results, we use Photoshop’s image masking and clipping path tools. Backgrounds may be eliminated using either clipping paths or Photoshop masking. However, they really pop in a variety of image formats. There is a discrepancy between the method and output. In reality, however, the primary distinction is in the photo-editing processes used. Both methods may be necessary for a successful portrait or online store product shot.

Background Removal Using Clipping Path

Clipping paths are made using the pen tool in Photoshop for photos with hard or sharp edges. All of the graphic designers at CPC take great care while drawing routes. Similar to how a sloppy clipping path will provide a less-than-ideal outcome. It won’t have a natural appearance. So, to obtain the upper hand, we magnify the images by as much as 300% to 400%.

Basic Shaped Image Bg Removing

Basic Shaped Image Bg Removing

Ensures a few key anchors are solid and hole-free. Books, balls, dishes, eggs, mobile phones, and other spherical, straight, curved, and rectangular objects populate the picture.

Medium-Shaped Images Bg Remove

Medium-Shaped Images Bg Remove

Includes some arcs, fixed locations, and openings. Many avenues must be explored to complete such an image. Includes jewelry worn on the fingers or ears, watches, apparel, footwear, etc.

Complex Shaped Images Bg Remove


Includes a lot of arcs, ties, and openings. Photos of jewelry, groups of people, trees, gates, fabrics, and other objects with prominent diagonal shapes.

Background Removal Using Photoshop Masking

Photos of people or clothing may benefit greatly from the Photoshop Masking method. When the clipping route is inadequate, such as in the case of hairy, soft, or fuzzy edges, fur, or little features, this technique comes through. Photoshop’s “magic” or the program’s “background eraser tool” with some careful color separation will get the job done. Complex backgrounds may be removed with the use of Photoshop’s masking tools, such as the Alpha channel or layer masking.

Background Removal by Photoshop Masking

Background Removal by Photoshop Masking

Images with blurred edges or few pixels. Hair, fur, fuzzy doll materials, animal parts, etc., are all examples of such things.

Background removal for Transparent Object

Background removal for Transparent Object

Applications for de-backgrounding transparent product photographs, such as a glass bottle, a pair of sunglasses, or a muslin tablecloth.

What We Do in Background Removal Services

When you use our Background Removal Service, we will eliminate any distracting elements from your media. This is similarly comparable to picture editing services. To exclude anything from its background. Background removal software helps improve the overall look of photos.

There are occasions when we don’t want to display parts of an image because they include unwanted elements. Picture an item like this one in the product’s packaging. It’s a nuisance for would-be purchasers. Therefore, it stunts the development of the e-commerce sector. Erase these distracting elements from photos and remove them from the background.

Background Removal
Background Removal

It has far-reaching effects, allows for exact picture trimming, and improves quality overall. Giving photos a polished appearance has the same effect. Maintaining a flawless BG consistently is challenging. The photographer has numerous considerations when shooting. The background quality in these photographs may be subpar.

Even with a white backdrop, this is a common occurrence in product photography. It’s possible that there isn’t enough light. Images may include shadows. It’s possible you’ll want to give a picture a little more depth, too.

The removed context appears at this point. However, it’s important to think about these little details in addition to erasing the backdrop.

Isolates a Picture From an Unwanted Background

Isolates a Picture From an Unwanted Background

Unwanted item removal makes a picture excellent. Getting the ideal outside photo is a challenge every time. In a busy setting, such as a party or the beach, this is especially true.

It separates an image from its distracting surroundings. Your image’s background can be unattractive or distractingly beautiful. In any case, unfiltered usage of the motif is what you want. These problems may be eliminated with a simple background knockout or switch. Your picture will be sent to you on a white or transparent background.

Edit a Subject Matter and Context Separately

Edit a Subject Matter and Context Separately

Inadequate lighting and shadows are a problem for even the most professionally taken photographs. There are times when you need to fake depth of field. In what ways can you make your image more creative by working in certain fields? Making the background black or white may need the deployment of a spectacular effect. And without straying too far from the topic at the same time.

You can rely on our background-erasing experts to do a great job. Since a Photoshop document (PSD) is included with this option, it’s easy to make any changes you need.

Remove an Inadequate Subject

Remove an Inadequate Subject

Background removal from photos may be performed in reverse as well. We’ll just need a little section of your shot and the rest may be left behind.

In the event that a passing visitor spoils your picture-perfect landscape. We can assist you with removing any unsightly things from your photograph, whether they are part of the foreground or background.

When you use our backdrop knockout service, we’ll expertly remove unwanted elements and promptly restore your picture. We can combine our other offerings to re-synthesize the “missing” parts of your picture, or we can let you handle the editing.

Remove the Shadow from Photos

Remove the Shadow from Photos

Have you ever taken a shot and been dissatisfied with the results due to an unwelcome shadow?

This is a frustrating and ridiculous issue. Light and shadows are both living things. This, unfortunately, is a typical issue with both outdoor and inside photography. We provide expert services for removing shadows from the face, torso, white background, or any other color background. Shadows are eliminated with Photoshop.

These days, Adobe Photoshop and other picture editing programs provide users with a variety of options for removing backgrounds from photographs. However, each of these programs has some restrictions. However, it will call for focus and expertise. Unless doing so risks making a mockery of the image

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Who needs Background Removal Services?

Remove Background Fashion Industry Images

The online fashion sector may benefit greatly from Next Edit’s removal background service. We always know what’s new in the world of gadgets and style. As a result, our talented retouchers alter the background of the model shot by using the clipping path and the masking tools. Remove creases and dust. Improve the dim lighting and dull hues. Perfect it for publication in a magazine or presentation online by adding a light shadow.

Examples of Fashion Industry Cutouts Used Online:

  • Background Removing/ Replacement,
  • Borders fixing, Resizing, Cropping,
  • Natural, Drop, or Reflection Shadow creation
  • Clean up Dust, Spot/ Wrinkle Removal
  • Ghost Mannequin / Clothes Smoothening
  • Color Adjustment /Correction.

Cloths / Apparel Image Background Cut-Out

Cloths / Apparel Image Background Cut-Out

The finest backdrop removal service for clothing photos is us. Take use of our Ghost Mannequin services to give your clothing photos a more realistic 3D appearance.

Using a mannequin is a great way to get accurate clothing photos. And it raises the clothing’s aesthetic appeal and sales by making the images uniform and expert. But even at its most compelling point in the store, this mannequin loses its appeal. Potential buyers can have a bad impression if they think about it.

This means the mannequin may be taken down. Additionally, it generates lively, eye-catching 3D effects. That makes it seem like a ghost is wearing the clothes and the dummy is invisible.

The ghosting of the model is facilitated by our expert graphics editor. The clothing’s backdrop will be clipped and removed manually. Realistic photos are created by combining two photographs (the rear and the front).

Background Removal for eCommerce Product Industry

Background Removal for eCommerce Product Industry

High-Quality Electronic Commerce Solution Online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay benefit greatly from visual content. These days, few consumers make actual store visits to purchase goods. Because it is more convenient, they prefer doing business online. Customers make snap decisions based on appearances. Image optimization in digital marketing for online sales often involves removing distracting backgrounds from product photos. In the world of online business, images serve as powerful sales tools. It has been common practice to display things on a white background.

Taking away the context is essential in providing a true white. It elevates the product’s visual appeal to that of a work of art. Similarly, a tidy appearance has an effect on the psyche of the spectator, leading to increased sales.

Online Store Product Photo Background Removal Features:

  • White/ Transparent BG,
  • Borders fixing, Resizing, Cropping,
  • Natural, Drop, or Reflection Shadow creation
  • Color Adjustment /Correction

White Background Making for Product Images

White Background Making for Product Images

Backgrounds often are white. The procedure is simple. Clipping paths or Photoshop masks are used to first pick the target object. After that, a new backdrop is applied.

White is often regarded as the most ethereal and pristine of colors.

Around 76 percent of users choose a white background (255, 255, 255). On top of that, 16% want see-through bg.

It’s pure and uncomplicated, and white makes any item pop. Furthermore, it has no visual impact on the item. As opposed to Bg, which produces faint stains, the other hues.

Amazon or eBay Image BG Removal

Amazon or eBay Image BG Removal

Amazon and eBay, two of the largest online retailers in the world, both use white as their default background color. Making against a white backdrop has several benefits:

  • Host natural brightness
  • Product Focus
  • Color Purity
  • Uniformity
  • Increased Sales! and more.

Besides, Black and gray, among other Bg hues, are also rather common. The color back is simply another all-natural backdrop choice. Black represents common luxury goods. However, we also excel at removing white backgrounds

Background Removing for Agency

Background Removing for Agency

Is your company in need of background checks being erased en masse? Moreover, we are on the lookout for a long-term answer.

We collaborate with advertising, web design, and magazine publishing agencies. People are too preoccupied running their businesses to always get in touch.

The optimal answer is being provided by CPC. After the first expectations have been established, you need just send us your photographs through our FTP. We’ll see to it that you have what you need and deliver completed pictures on time.

Background Removal Service for Brands

Background Removal Service for Brands

Branding is more effective when using visuals. Images are crucial to the success of any online business. It is recommended by experts that all of the photographs have the same background color. Color theory may give your products a more personal feel. A customer’s unconscious psyche is directly affected by this.

In addition, the click-through rate increases when users are able to spot a familiar brand emblem within a sea of visual content. As a result, sales increase. You may rely on the Next Edit. For well-known companies and business owners, we guarantee the highest quality Photoshop editing services.

A few examples of the brand background knockout service are:

  • Removing/ Replacement Bg,
  • Watermark Add/Remove
  • Borders fixing, Resizing, Cropping,
  • Natural, Drop, or Reflection Shadow creation
  • Clean up Dust, Spot/ Wrinkle Removal
  • Ghost Mannequin / Clothes Smoothing

Bg Removing Services for Small Sell

Are you a vendor on the low end? Have just a few photos?

Feel free to send them over to us. For ten years, we partnered with independent retailers to provide a seamless product picture backdrop cut-out service. Here, you’ll find the optimal answers for your specific needs. However, every online shop may benefit from having a professional product picture retouched by our team.

Customers’ reliance on visuals has been shown. That’s why it’s so important to have clear, high-quality product photos. It won’t do any good if the pictures are inaccurate. As a result, accurate visuals are crucial. It’s next to impossible to attain such results without any photo editing. Since each picture is so consequential to one’s livelihood, more care must be taken with each one. Simply removing the backdrop in post-processing does the trick.

As a result, it is crucial for the development of the eCommerce industry to have access to knock-out services operating in the background.

Why You Should Use Our Background Removal Services

Images of products are utilized extensively on websites in the modern era of online buying and are in dire need of revamping. Significant demand exists for this elimination of context or knockout method.

Since eBay, Amazon, Bogus, and Google Shopping do not support camera raw photographs, you will need to crop the background out of your product photos before uploading them for sale.

Your uploaded product picture will cause a lag in the listing process. It’s also not very professional. Therefore, it is necessary to alter the backdrop. You’ll want to remove any existing color from the shot, add shadows, and then whiten the backdrop. And it will show the customer exactly what they’re getting.

Statistics and online research both support the idea that clean product photos are more likely to be clicked on. It’s effective in bringing in additional customers.

  • Color and apprentice affect the purchase choice 95% of the time.
  • Color has a significant role in the purchasing choice for 80 percent of consumers.
  • When consumers are able to easily identify a brand by its color scheme, they are 90% more likely to buy from that brand.

Our BG service – 

  • Provides the necessary visuals for online retailers like Amazon, Etsy, Bogus, eBay, etc. bringing the focus back on the subject when the background is too busy.  
  • Boosts sales by detailed visuals.
  • Helps you publish pictures of models in periodicals or on the Internet.
  • Creates a custom background using many photos for use in your online shop, catalog, etc.

So, eliminating the backdrop from a picture isn’t only an editing technique; it’s also a sales booster.

The Benefits of Utilizing Our Background Removal Services

Optical Resolution

The backdrop removal services we provide are second to none, thanks to our team of expert picture editors! We will guarantee that your photographs appear their very best by using all of Adobe Photoshop’s most recent tools and methods.

Fast Turnaround

With our background removal service, you may have up to 500+ photographs altered and returned to you in as little as 24 hours. We appreciate your patience and will do our best to get your photos to you in the allotted amount of time.


All common picture file formats, including RAW, JPG, and TIF, may be uploaded to our server without any problems. And we can give you the pictures back in whichever format you like. Transparent pictures in the PNG format may be specially requested. With a see-through backdrop.


We provide a backdrop removal service that is both cheap and efficient, so you can get high-quality editing for your photos without significantly impacting your financial situation. 

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Background Removal Service Categories

Products Background Removal

Time to upgrade your product photography to the next level? We always bring professionalism to the table while providing clipping path services worldwide. You may get the clean, clear, and transparent backdrop you need quickly and easily with the help of our expert background removal services. NextEdits has all the features you need in a top-tier picture background removal service, so look no further. Let us demonstrate our expertise at no cost to you.


Adjust the Details of the Subject And Its Surroundings

Even the most skilled photographer using the most sophisticated equipment may see diminished results if the lighting is inadequate. The process of erasing the backdrop reveals a simple answer: changing the focus and setting. The final result will be a picture that looks like a work of art.

Removal of Product Background

Instead of attempting white-background removal in-house, why not get it done by the pros? At NextEdits, our helpful and knowledgeable staff is able to flawlessly remove backgrounds from a batch of photographs. Our expert staff will remove the backdrop from your product photos, increasing your chances of being seen on Amazon and eBay. With our assistance, your product picture will look amazing in no time. NextEdits is the best option if you need a professional service that respects your privacy and goes above and beyond for its customers.


Get Rid of a Graphic's Weak Focus

It’s possible that using a photo to remove the backdrop might also work in reverse. However, we may avoid this problem by focusing on the foreground rather than the backdrop. The editor will remove distracting parts of your picture and replace them with new ones or leave them as is. Manipulation using background image modification describes the whole procedure. So, if you want to hide some of your subject’s flaws, NextEdits might assist. We may sync up with the updated sections of the subject matter. We use a variety of Photoshop approaches that allow us to consistently produce high-quality final products for our clients.

What Separates Us From Competitors Offering Similar Services?

Our process begins with erasing backgrounds by hand. Therefore, the potential for mistakes is reduced. Professionals on our production team will check for errors and eliminate distracting elements before submitting your work. 

Next, we have a background removal team comprised of qualified editors with years of expertise in the field. Because of their meticulous attention to detail, they are able to perfect each and every picture. 

Besides, we guarantee a quick response without sacrificing quality. Our vast production facility and simplified workflow enable us to rapidly handle huge batches of photos without compromising on our standard of excellence. 

Value for money is the fourth reason to choose us. We think everyone, not just companies, should be able to take use of professional-grade photo editing tools. 

Finally, we are proud of the high-quality customer service. When you work with us, you’ll be dealing with a team of people that are dedicated to making sure you’re happy with the results.

How Can Background Remove Help Other Photoshop Services?

The services of a clipping path, Photoshop mask, deep etch, or background knockout are all equivalent. Our editors are prepared to advise you on the best feature for your product photo based on the scope of the project and your preferred method of receiving revised drafts. Please let us know how we might tailor our offerings to better suit the needs of your project.

We provide a wide range of specialized Photoshop editing solutions, including photo masking; photo retouching; clipping path; clipping mask; image manipulation; image editing; picture restoration; color correction; deep etching; and more.

Combining background removal with other Photoshop functions like color correction and retouching is possible. It facilitates the targeting of certain aspects of your product’s look. When used together, the effects provide extensive scope for altering both the mood and structure of the pictures. You may be certain that your impression will be profound.

We have helped others just like you. So, are you prepared to use the most effective background removal services we offer?

Who needs our services?

Freelance Photographer

Professional Photographer

Photography Studio Manager

Ecommerce Retailer

Advertising Agencies

Background Removal Sample Images

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Background Removal Services FAQ?

There are many uses for these services. They are able to alter an image’s backdrop or eliminate unwanted elements from the background entirely. Photo backdrop removal service outsourcing might be useful for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you need to remove the backdrop from a photograph. Or maybe you’d want to swap out the current backdrop with one that’s more to your liking. Regardless of your motivation, a reliable picture background removal service may assist you in accomplishing your goals.

There’s a plethora of background-erasing apps that you may use on the web. The term “professional background removal” does not apply to such an action. The best option is to use a professional service, such as ours, to remove the background from your image.

Photoshop’s “Background Eraser” tool is one of many options for erasing an image’s original backdrop. Simply click and drag this tool over the image’s unwanted region to utilize it. When you use the Background Eraser, it will immediately zero out the selected region. The “Brush” tool lets you erase more precisely. When you paint over a pixel, just those painted-over pixels will be removed from the background.

Your alternative to using our FTP is providing us with access to your own. We also welcome picture submissions through safe file-sharing platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, and WeTransfer.

Our principal service is to remove the backdrop from eCommerce photos, giving them the standard white or transparent color scheme so prized by online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Taking photographs of the latest fashion trends is our other specialty.

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